Coming for a treatment is an act of trust in normal times, even more so in the era of COVID-19. I want to assure my clients and prospective clients that I am doing everything in my power to provide a safe treatment environment, for you and for me. I am following (and exceeding!) all the requirements of the regulatory bodies for massage therapy and acupuncture, as well as keeping up to date on the advice of Public Health Ontario.

As the evidence increasingly shows, COVID-19 is spread through close contact, especially indoors. To minimize the risk, I have added a powerful hepa filter and a separate UV air cleaner to my treatment room. After each appointment, the room is left empty for fifteen minutes with the hepa on maximum setting, to fully purify the air between clients. 

Surfaces are fastidiously clean too. I have switched from open shelving to closed storage for my supplies. I have removed difficult to sanitize decor, replaced the upholstered chair with a wipeable one and intensified cleaning routines. The face rest gets special attention: after disinfecting with spray cleaner, it is sanitized a second time with a UV wand. There is a UV sterilizer for clients to use as well. Place your phone, keys, sunglasses etc inside, and get them back clean after your treatment.

I have a new procedure for you to follow at the door, including pre-screening, hand sanitizing and touchless temperature check. I ask that you bring in only your keys, phone and water bottle. I will provide a sanitized bin for your things. If you arrive on foot, bike or by transit, you are welcome to bring your belongings in with you. I encourage everyone to pay by etransfer, before or after your appointment. And please use the washroom before you arrive, mine is available for urgent need only, due to the time needed to fully sanitize after each use.

I wear a mask, and I require that you wear a valveless mask as well, covering nose and mouth, for the entirety of your appointment. Masks with valves are designed for dusty environments, to keep dust out but allowing the wearer to easily exhale. They do not protect others from the wearer’s droplets. Generally, people are getting used to mask wearing, and it is not an issue during treatment. If you arrive without a mask or with a valved mask, I have disposable ones available for $2.

Phew, that’s a lot of information! Here’s a quick summary of what you need to remember:

• Answer phone for prescreening the day before your appointment

• Wear a valveless mask

• Arrive on time or wait in your car or on porch until your appointment start time

• Leave large items in the car, bring in only keys, phone, water

• Read sign on door and follow directions

• Please use the washroom before you arrive

As always, I am so grateful for my clients’ trust in me to provide safe, effective care for general wellness or specific concerns. It makes my day to be able to improve someone’s quality of life.

Links to Ontario’s COVID-19 pages, and where to get tested in Guelph. I encourage everyone to get the Health Canada COVID-19 app, so you’ll know if you have been near someone who has tested positive.