Treatments to Support You During Pregnancy and Beyond

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but there can be challenges, from pesky annoyances to major joy-stealing pains in the butt (and hips, and wrists and back!).

Acupuncture can help you enjoy pregnancy!

This very relaxing treatment can relieve the various pains that can come with growing a baby, from heartburn to carpal tunnel, sinusitis to pelvic pain, plus:

  • reduce nausea
  • improve sleep
  • calm anxiety
  • relieve pain

Acupuncture can help prepare you for labour!

Toward the end of pregnancy, it is especially lovely to set aside some relaxing time just for you. While you enjoy an acu-nap, acupuncture can:

  • boost your energy reserves
  • encourage a breech or occiput posterior baby to turn (week 34 is ideal for breech!)
  • prepare your body for an efficient labour

Acupuncture can support your recovery after giving birth!

  • support healing
  • relieve night sweats
  • calm afterpains
  • improve milk supply

But is acupuncture safe in pregnancy?

Yes! Acupuncture is a safe, drug-free approach to treating many pregnancy complaints. MaryBeth has pursued further training in prenatal acupuncture in the past, and is currently in a nine month-long program to deepen her knowledge and skill to provide expert care in pregnancy.

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