Using tiny, sterile needles, specific points on the body are activated to treat many different concerns. The points and their functions have been located precisely and described in detail over millennia. Used to treat everything from headaches to hot flashes, anxiety to acid reflux. Your acupuncture treatment can include gua sha, organic essential oils, moxibustion, and tacks or seeds to enhance its effectiveness.

AcuRelax Treatment for Stress
These sessions were created in response to clients’ need for a soothing treatment to calm the nervous system, quiet the mind and allow the body to soften and unwind. Begin with acupressure massage to the back with your bespoke organic essential oils blend. Next, acupuncture for your specific stress symptoms (tension, racing mind, digestive discomfort, insomnia etc). Deep, gentle neck stretches complete your experience and leave you feeling calm and centred. Highly recommended for stressful times, or as a self-care gift to yourself any time.

A gentle suction is created using a glass or silicone cup, allowing the pressure to come off underlying tissues. Cupping is very relaxing and helpful for muscle pain, tendonitis and other concerns.

Gua sha
Gua sha treatment involves press-stroking a smooth edged instrument firmly over the skin. A thin layer of oil is applied first to help glide the gua sha tool comfortably over the area being treated. It is used especially to treat stubborn muscle tension and headaches.

The Chinese characters usually translated into English as “acupuncture” actually encompass both acupuncture and moxibustion. It is said that any condition not treatable using acupuncture may be treated instead with moxa.

Moxa is a herb, also called artemesia vulgaris, or mugwort. It can be used to warm the whole body, treat stubborn localized pain like tendinitis, or to turn a breech or occiput posterior in preparation for birth.

Moxa creates a comforting sensation of heat as it stimulates blood flow, opening the channels and warming the meridians.

Tacks and Seeds
Certain conditions respond especially well to taking the treatment home with you. Tiny needles on medical tape, called tacks, can be worn home for continuing stimulation of points. Seeds, also on tape, can be placed on acupuncture points in the ears, and stimulated several times daily by pressing. Useful for acute and chronic conditions.

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