The No-Guilt Acu Plan

Deciding on the number and frequency of treatments is tricky, there are just so many factors to consider. I weigh them out and come up with my best recommendation based on years of experience and hands-on knowledge, then collaborate with clients to come up with a plan that fits with their bodies, schedules and budgets.

Most of the time, I advise a few treatments close together to get started, and then spacing them out gradually as the condition improves. On completing a successful course of treatment, I leave it to clients to contact me if there’s any reoccurrence of symptoms. Some people choose to add monthly acupuncture for general well-being, which I highly recommend.

A funny thing sometimes happens when I run into a client I haven’t seen in a while: they apologise for not having an appointment recently. They feel guilty! When we chat a little more, people generally say they meant to continue with the plan we set out, but life got in the way, they had to cancel an appointment or two and then felt badly about not contacting me sooner. People also feel guilty about not following my self-care advice.

I think we all feel that somewhere, out there, other humans have it all figured out. They keep all their appointments, cook all their dinners, do all their exercises. We’re the only ones having hummus and carrots for dinner because we double booked the afternoon. I totally understand things get away from us sometimes. Cramming in a session with your favourite practitioner can become impossible. It’s fine. I’ll be here when things settle down, and there will be no judgment.

I strongly believe it is my role to work with people where they stand in the now. So many of us put off looking after ourselves until we are somehow different, somehow more able to fully commit. I say do what you can today, even if it’s not perfect. If that includes working with an acupuncturist, I will be happy to see you.

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